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How do pawns loans work?

How much will it cost me?

What do you guys take and how much can i get?

It's pretty simple actually. You bring us an item of value and we work together to find a loan amount for that item. We hold the item as collateral for an agreed amount of time and when that time is up, you can either pick up your item for the loan amount  plus our service fee or simply pay only the service fee for a loan extension. 

At Pawn Chicago we do things a bit differently. We don't think our customers should pay a flat monthly service fee if you only need a week or two to get your item back. For example, lets say you need a $40 dollar loan on your iPod classic for only 2 weeks. Most pawn shops would charger a flat $8 fee for the month regardless of when you pick it up. At Pawn Chicago that same loan would only cost you a $4 fee. Here are a few more examples! 

We take any item of value! As long as there's a market for your item, we will do everything in our power to provide you with the loan or price you want. To get an idea of what your item might be worth for resale, checking out COMPLETED LISTINGS on eBay is always a great start. Just type in the MAKE and MODEL of your item and refine the search for only completed listings. You can enter something like, "Apple iPhone 6s 16gb Tmobile" if you are looking to pawn or sell your phone!

what do you guys take?
how much?
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