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“We are here to innovate the 3,000 year old business of pawnbroking by having a pawndifferent attitude, offering loans differently than anyone else, having unbeatable customer service, and creating and maintaining a 1-of-a-kind atmosphere."

- pawndifferent Team

How is our customer service different from anyone else?

   Because we know we are not in the pawn business, we are in the business of taking care of our customers. Everything we do is designed with that in mind. Our customer feedback means the world to us, here is what our customers think of us...

How are our loans different?

  • We pro-rate our loans by the week. Simply put, we only charge you for the time you need!

  • We encourage our customers to pay down the principle on their loans. 

  • We provide at least 2 loan reminder calls so that our customers know when their loan payments are due. We don't want anyone to loose their valuables.

  • We will always offer to clean up your items. We want our customers getting their valuables back in better condition than when they brought them in. 

How is our store different than any other pawn shop?

  • We'll let some pictures explain this one.

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